Come and Take this Island

Any place in this island from North to South , from East to West, is unique. I come here to rediscover my roots long time ago and since then I’m regular. Come and take this Island as you never heard of it..


Biggest Volcano of Europe, Aetna, or Etna. on Oriental side of the island is a MUST for your first visit over here. Picture above was taken during 2015 eruption. Suggested path: Fontanarossa Airport – Highway – Fiumefreddo Exit – Linguaglossa then you will find equipped structures to further climb at the top of the Volcano.

That’s Astracantha Sicula, it grows only at the top of the Volcano area.

Moonlight over Savoca, a town – city at north-east of Sicily, close to the Crusader City of Messina.

Rabbit Beach is located in a small isle at South West of Sicily, close to Lampedusa Island.

Levanzo Island is instead located At Extreme West of Trapani, this isle is rich of old archeological sites among a beautiful old harbor and a fishermen town.

While resting at Trapani you may visit Erice and its old castle perched on a green rocky hill.

Hold on, I almost forgot about it, and I must be forgiven, there you go: Segesta Temple, still located close to Trapani. Legend tells that the Trojan people escaping the Greeks reached this place founding a settlement with the name of Aegesta.

Wow that’s a lot of steps to do, breathtaking! Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte, almost in the center of Sicily, close to the city of Caltagirone.

Stair of the Turks, or Scala dei Turchi, is a white rocky cliff in Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle, at South – West. Astonishing…

Then , our flight is over for now,

but do not forget that Sicilians , except some as in any place of the planet, are very lovely people, their touristic structures enough comfy and optimal to serve your visit.

Here their cycle paths map:

Think to their Police Cars and you are almost at the beginning of their way to manage security:

Although in many restaurants, taverns and ubiquitous “Pizzerie” you may find order menu like this:

Funny as hell !!!




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